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What's on the menu: Benefits


Peruvian steak and jicama stir-fry(Grass-fed beef)
Flank steak stir fried with jicama, bell pepper, onion, tomato, cilantro and spices(GF, dairy free, and Paleo)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 569Protein: 65.2gFat: 26.3gCarb: 16g
Stuffed chicken served with grilled zucchini and eggplant (Antibiotic and hormone free chicken)
Chicken breast stuffed with artichoke heart, apple, and spinach served with house made chicken stock gravy and grilled zucchini and eggplant (GF, Dairy Free and Paleo)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 498Protein: 57.7gFat: 7.3gCarb: 51.9g
Healthy baked Scotch eggs served with stir fried cabbage noodle (Antibiotic and hormone free turkey)
Healthy free range hardboiled eggs wrapped in crispy baked ground turkey served with stir fried cabbage noodle (GF, dairy free, and Paleo)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 468Protein: 68.4gFat: 10.3gCarb: 31.4g
Smoked BBQ chicken with sweet potato casserole(Antibiotic and Hormone Free)
Smoked chicken breast finished off with BBQ sauce served with Pittsburgh Fresh's signature sweet potato casserole made with mashed sweet potato, egg, coconut milk, a touch of honey and topped with walnuts and almonds (GF, dairy free, and Paleo)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 634Protein: 67.8gFat: 14.8gCarb: 58.4g
The basic: Herb roasted pork loin with sauteed kale (Local natural pork)
Brine and herb marinated lean pork loin served with grilled pineapple and sautéed kale (GF, Dairy free and Paleo)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 568Protein: 64.1gFat: 22.1gCarb: 28.2g
The basic: Oven roasted salmon with roasted Brussel sprouts
Pgh Fresh basic: oven roasted salmon brushed with garlic oil and topped with fresh dill served with roasted Brussel sprouts(GF, Dairy free, Paleo)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 404Protein: 36gFat: 24.8gCarb: 13.8g
Salad: Kale Caesar Chicken Salad (antibiotic and hormone free chicken)
Chopped romaine, baby kale, grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, grated parmesan, shaved parmesan, and house made Caesar dressing (contain egg and cheese) (please note if you do not wish to get cheese on the Salad, dressing can be substituted to avocado dressing). (GF, optional dairy, optional Paleo)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 641Protein: 67.7gFat: 27.1gCarb: 9.2g
Vegan/vegetarian: "chicken" stir fry
Vegan "chicken" made with soy flour stir fried with snow peas, baby corn, bamboo shoot, broccoli, lotus root, dark soy sauce served with jasmine rice
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 547Protein: 33.9gFat: 16.2gCarb: 76.9g
Vegan/Vegetarian: Farro salad with tomato
Farro Salad with Tomatoes, green beans, and chickpeas with basil vinaigrette (Dairy free)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 617Protein: 14.7gFat: 30.3gCarb: 71.6g
Vegetarian: eggplant parmesan served with vegetable noodles
Baked gluten free flour and almond meal crusted eggplants, topped with house made tomato basil sauce and mozzarella cheese and serve with spaghetti squash noodle (Gluten free, contains dairy, please note if you do not wish to get cheese)
NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Calories: 368Protein: 18.6gFat: 24gCarb: 24.1g
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